Serving our Community

Community Dinner

Community DinnerThe Community Dinner is served every Sunday at 5PM at The Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring.  We share Christ’s love with and serve free meals to our guests, who are the less fortunate in our community.  The dinner began in the fall of 2003, when several members and staff felt called to feed people in our area who were underprivileged and hungry.  It began as a monthly dinner, but soon changed to weekly, as needs increased.

Falling Spring serves approximately 3,700 guests throughout the year at the Community Dinner.  Our guests come to us hungry and therefore we offer multiple helpings of food to nourish their bodies.  Their hunger is not only physical, but spiritual also.  An informal worship service is held after the meal to share God’s Word and love with our guests.

Food Pantry

The Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring Food Pantry is located in the Riddle House on campus.  It began in its present form three years ago to meet the need of hungry persons in our community who stopped by our church for help.  Its purpose is to bridge the gap in emergency times when regular food sources are not available.  We supply food for one or two days and our patrons are able to obtain food once every two weeks.

The food pantry is funded primarily by monetary and food donations from the congregation.