Mission and Outreach

The Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring is actively involved in Mission and Outreach.  We take Christ’s words “to go out” seriously as we partner in our community, our nation, and the world.  In Chambersburg, we serve with and support many organizations that reach many members of the community.  These organizations include:

  • The Salvation Army
  • The Cold Weather Shelter
  • The Shelter for the Homeless
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Building Our Pride in Chambersburg (BOPIC)
  • SCAAP Circles
  • Meals on Wheels

We also value and partner with organizations that bring the area’s youth to love and truth of Christ:

  • Young Life
  • NETWork Ministries
  • The Wilson College Chaplain

In addition, we work with organizations that seek to care for the well-being of women and families:

  • House of Grace
  • Pregnancy Ministries
  • Women in Need
  • Sweet Grace Ministries

We are not limited to those specifically in our community, but all who are in the area.  We support:

  • Prison Chaplaincy
  • Fruitbelt Farm Workers
  • Hospice care

Finally, we support and work with missionaries from our church as well as other churches to take the gospel to the world:

  • The Karper’s in Honduras
  • The Kisamore’s in Chile
  • The Bixel’s in Peru
  • Nate Strickler with Campus Outreach in North Carolina
  • Gospel Grower’s in Haiti