Welcome to Falling Spring!  Join us for Holy Week!

Palm Sunday
March 25 at 8 AM in the Sanctuary and 10 AM in the Sanctuary and in the FLC
Hosanna! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Our journey through this holy week begins with Palm Sunday. Come experience the exhilaration of the crowds who cheered Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as our children lead us into worship!

Maundy Thursday
March 29 at 7 PM in the Sanctuary
Our journey continues in the Upper Room Maundy Thursday night where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples and breaks bread with them in communion. He gives us a new commandment that we love one another and shows us the deep humility of true servanthood, ultimately leading to the cross. Come worship with us as we share communion together and remember the example of Christ in humility and love.

Good Friday
March 30 at 7 PM in the Chapel
We call this day Good Friday, but what is good about it? It is a day in which the weight of the suffering of Christ absorbs our own suffering, where we see how much pain is borne in one body, where everything, everything is consumed by the darkness. We see brokenness, in the body on the cross, in the betrayal of Judas, the denial of Peter, the judgment of Pilate. We see the brokenness in ourselves.
Who would we be in this story? What brokenness is ours tonight? Where do we see ourselves? These are the questions we ask every year, and every year we may find ourselves in a different place. But every year, we come back to enter the story anew, to seek some kind of understanding amidst the brokenness, to plunge the depths of the darkness so we might better see the light. We cannot get to the glorious resurrection of Easter without going through Good Friday.

April 1  at 8 AM in the Sanctuary and 10 AM in the Sanctuary and in the FLC
Often in the church and in our lives, we get so caught up in doing our thing, that we forget the simple, powerful message of the gospel — the good news! This Easter, come and begin again in your relationship with Jesus. Come be reminded of the freedom and love that is found in Jesus and his resurrection — or even better, come experience that freedom and love for the first time. Whether you are a lifelong believer or have struggled with faith, you have a place here at Falling Spring.
Come, all are welcome! Glorious morning! Jesus is Risen!